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Will I get personalised treatment?

Each client’s project represents a new challenge for us.  We will keep you informed on a monthly basis about the actions and results, you will be able to solve all your doubts via WhatsApp or call. We also facilitate meetings via Google Meet video call.

How will the results obtained be reported?

We understand our clients’ objectives, which is why we set relevant KPIs for their achievement. We have a clear and defined process for communication with our clients, including monthly reports and intensive analysis of these every three months, as well as weekly meetings at the client’s request.The reports compose the most relevant information for you and for the achievement of your business objectives.

What kind of clients do they work with, and have they worked in my sector?

There are agencies that are recognised for working in a particular sector. Hiring an agency that has already worked for your sector means that it has already acquired a certain knowledge that can lead to better results. Agencies often work very well with clients in very similar situations but from different sectors. By having an approach that is able to recognise successful processes when applied to your situation or industry, it can make it easier to find a good digital agency.

Will you respect my confidentiality?

All your business data that you will process with Witheya will be kept strictly confidential. In the contract we are going to sign we will reflect this point further.

What will be my responsibilities as a client?

We will go into much more detail at the first meeting. However, cooperation between both parties is essential.  You should detail your current status of your online marketing strategy, your goals to be achieved and the business results. It is necessary to participate in regular meetings to follow up on the objectives and define the next steps. You must convey to us your business essence, its positioning and the values that drive it.We strive to make our customers happy. Let's create a healthy and lasting relationship.

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